Tesla Model S to clock one million miles

One Model S is set to achieve a significant milestone for a non-commercial electric vehicle.

A Tesla Model S is set to reach one million miles today, eight years after the owner bought the electric vehicle.

Hansjörg von Gemmingen is expected to cross the million mile mark today (1.6 million km) in his Model S, according to The Driven, with the Tesla in line to be recognised by Guinness World Records.

The Model S P85 passed one million kilometres back in 2019, with the vehicle driving around 200,000km each year all across Europe, and previously visiting countries as far away as China.

However, it’s understood the vehicle has been through three battery packs and eight electric motors since 2014 – with the first motor lasting nearly 800,000km, and each subsequent motor failing at around 200,000km.

Despite owning Teslas since 2009, von Gemmingen told The Driven he is disappointed with the longevity of the motors in his Model S, and is considering switching to a Lucid Air in the future.

Offering the best driving range in the line-up, the Lucid Air Grand Touring can travel up to 830km on a single charge (US EPA standard), with its dual electric motors putting out 611kW.

Currently, the Guinness World Records recognises the highest-mileage non-commercial vehicle as being a 1966 Volvo P1800S owned by the late Irvin Gordon, with the American reaching 3.04 million miles in 2014.

Ben Zachariah

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