Mazda MX-5 2.0 GT Sport Tech 2022 UK review review

What is it?

Here it is, individuals: the £30,000 Mazda MX-5. “That’s not what an MX-5 is about,” remarked our photographer.

The cost is somewhat startling, but in Mazda’s defence, this is a best-spec 2.-litre GT Activity Tech, and you can have a 1.5-litre car for ‘just’ £24,775. It’s a mark much more of how bonkers car or truck rates have got in common than of any particular greediness on Mazda’s element.

The MX-5 is even now a special providing in the new car or truck market: a sensibly sized, two-seat sports car with a in a natural way aspirated motor, a manual gearbox, a constrained-slip differential and rear-wheel travel that’s vaguely cost-effective. The Toyota GR86 need to do the identical when it arrives later this yr, but you can not consider the roof off that just one.

The motive we’re driving an MX-5 all over again, other than to remind ourselves that it is excellent (spoiler alert), is that Mazda tends to do design-yr updates in addition to the occasional sweeping facelift. New for 2022 is Platinum Quartz Metallic paint, a sort of metallic champagne. Helpfully, Mazda despatched us a Polymetal Grey 1.

The MX-5 has also acquired Kinematic Posture Manage. This is essentially mild torque-vectoring by braking that supposedly also reduces body roll. With out driving this MX-5 back to back again with an older a single, it’s tricky to tell if it basically does. Even this higher-spec model on its sports activities suspension with Bilstein dampers rolls more than you may well assume from a present day sports car.

What’s it like?

If that bothers you, there’s no scarcity of corporations supplying stiffer springs, anti-roll bars and just about something else you may want to tweak on your MX-5. The system movement adds to the delightfully outdated-college vibe, though. No car at this cost level is as interactive as the MX-5, with feelsome steering, a guide ‘box that snicks by way of the gears and the option of delectable small slides on the exit of tight corners.

The lower driving place and prolonged bonnet are an function each individual time, and if you like open up-air motoring, the manual hood, which you can put up or down in considerably less than 10 seconds, is a perfect example of ‘less is more’. For around £2000 excess, the Mazda MX-5 RF still gives a steel folding roof.