How to transfer used car ownership in Dubai – 5 Easy Steps

If you are looking to buy or sell an old car in Dubai, you have to work on it and follow a proper channel. It includes the transfer of ownership of the car from the one who is selling to who is buying the car. To buy a car is a husky process and people want to complete this process safely. To sell any car in Dubai and to shift the ownership of the car has the following steps. 

1- Pick the Right Place & Time – Authorized locations

As both the parties (buyer and the seller) are agreed to sell any car and completing the payment process, the important thing is to transfer the ownership of the car. The transfer is done in any of the authorized RTA centers in Dubai. The operating time varies from center to center as the working hours of some organizations are in the day time, other works in the late night. Some RTA centers include Shamil, Tasjeel, Mumayaz, and others. Note that if the car is registered in some other Emirate, you have to first shift the ownership in that Emirate and then you can progress to any of the centers in Dubai for the issuing of the car number plate and the registration of the car.  

2- The Seller Preparation

To sell your car in Dubai, you have to make some preparations earlier. If you want to avoid the laborious work of shifting the ownership, make sure that you have cleared all the pending fines of your car. The car should be in good condition so that it should pass the RTA Test which is a compulsory vehicle test for a car to pass in Dubai. The car certificate is valid for 30 days after the test. Lastly, bring the identification and registration card and attested copy of the power of attorney. These documents are necessary for the transfer of ownership. 

3- The Buyer Preparation

For the transfer of ownership, the buyer also has to keep some documents with him for identity proof such as original Emirates ID and evidence of residency (copy of Dubai visa or valid Ejari contract). Also, you need is a valid UAE driving license, an insurance policy for the certification of the car and the number plates. The insurance policy can be purchased from the RTA authorized centers or you can buy online. 

4- The Money Exchange

Both the buyer and the seller must be careful while making a deal, checking the vehicle, documentation and the exchange of money. Make sure that you have covered all the corners to buy or sell any car Dubai. Buyers should be conscious to make payment in front of an authorized counter and receive the ownership of the car on the spot. 

A piece of advice to the seller of the car is to make sure to receive a cash amount or a bank cheque. Don’t receive a personal cheque in return for the car. This is to make sure that the buyer has enough money to buy a car and it will not bounce back due to insufficient balance for a personal cheque. The manager’s cheques can also forage, so if you have received the manager’s cheque, validate it to proceed with the transfer of ownership and payment. 

5- Watch Out For Any Outstanding Loans

If the car is bought with some loans, the ownership of the vehicle can not be transferred until all the loan is cleared. Once the loan is completely submitted then the ownership will be transferred to the buyer. To sell the car in Dubai is a bit hectic as every document must be cleared, identity must be proved. The buyer will bring the released letter of the loan clearance and then the ownership will be transferred.  

The transfer of ownership and buying a car is not that critical, just a few right steps and you can buy or sell any car in Dubai.