How To Give Your Hilux The Looks Of A Rocco


Toyota Hilux Revo has proven itself as the ultimate 4×4 versatile killing machine that has both the utilities of a regular daily driven car and the top off-roading pickup truck. This jack-of-all-trades has been the leading brand in terms of a substantial 4×4 pickup truck, designed specifically for harsh and challenging situations. It’s massive tyres, huge body structure, and prominent head and tail lights make it the most popular off-roading vehicle in Pakistan.

What is Rocco and its Limited Market?

Telling a bit about the Rocco, Toyota Hilux Rocco is the latest 4×4 pickup truck variant recently launched in Thailand. With the limiting market coverage, the Rocco version of the Toyota Hilux has only been launched in Thailand. This version has been modified significantly, both by power and structure, making it the best and most potent Toyota Hilux 4×4 pickup truck up till now. 

Upgrade your Revo to Rocco:

Although Rocco only made its space in the Thailand market, there are specific ways you get the looks of the all-new Toyota Hilux Rocco on your regular Revo. With the increasing demand for Rocco’s looks and styling, brings you the overall upgradable customization package for your Toyota Hilux Revo that can uplift your regular 4×4 pickup truck modern, more sophisticated, and more powerful 4×4 pickup monster.

What Is Included In The Conversion Package?

This complete package that redefines your regular Toyota Hilux Revo offers many customized aftermarket auto parts that improve and enhance the overall looks of your 4×4 off-roader. This package includes 

  1. Rocco’s Front Bumper.
  2. Rocco’s Bumper Grille.
  3. Rocco’s Front Grille.
  4. Rocco’s Fog Lamp Covers.
  5. Rocco’s Fog Lamps.
  6. Rocco’s Tail Lamps.
  7. Rocco’s Head Lamps.
  8. Rocco’s Fender Flares.
  9. Rocco’s Fitting Parts.

These accessories are included in the complete facelift package that redefines your regular Toyota Hilux Revo’s looks and aesthetics.

Built with a class:

The regular Toyota Hilux Revo comes with a more ‘casual’ and ordinary shape that barely defines its strength and power from the outside. The traditional look of the Revo is slightly above average, and there is no such display of strength and muscularity. However, the new addition to the Toyota Hilux’s franchise, the all-new Hilux Rocco, carries a distinctive and prominent shape and structure. Its physical appearance is very appealing and holds a good amount of grace to it as well. 

Additional Protection:

With the new Rocco kit installed in your Hilux Revo, you can rest assured that your 4×4 will be safer than it was with its original auto parts. The unique bumper, grille, and fender flares provide additional protection and a fabulous design that gives the vehicle the best outlook. 


Revo to Rocco conversion is somewhat a trending activity among the people who own the latest Toyota Hilux Revo. Many people are looking for the best Rocco conversion kits with the most affordable price tag. notes its scarce availability and readily provides the best quality conversion kit under Pakistan’s best price.