How to Buy a Used Car

Your best value is buying the right used car. The tough thing about that is making sure that the vehicle you are buying is “good.” We all have our preferences, but a little time and patience will be rewarded with a great deal of savings. You can look at car market value websites to find more information about car market value.

Car Features

Before you decide to buy used cars, you should have a couple of specific models in mind. Don’t limit yourself on a particular brand necessarily, but think about the features and let that steer you. Do you need two or four doors? Are you looking for good gas mileage or power to tow a trailer? What accessories do you need? Air conditioning and power windows, manual transmission, or automatic? Choose first and then research possibilities on line. Make sure the car is reviewed well on sites like Kelly Blue Book. While you are there, check to see ballpark prices on the makes and models you are considering.

Car Type

Buying a car as it comes off lease can be the best deal around. Usually, contracts last anywhere from three to six years. Those periods can differ depending on where you live and what type of car it is, but as a general guideline, those will work. What you want to do is find a vehicle that has a relatively low mileage and is coming off a three-year lease. You can look at second hand car Malaysia websites to find more information about second hand cars in Malaysia.

Talk to the salespeople at your local dealers, and they will have a pretty good idea of what vehicles come around regularly. Let them know up front that you are not looking for a deal today, but are researching for a near-future purchase. They are often happy to help, as they will get a sale out of the agreement at some point. If they are pressuring you, walk away. Sometimes the best bargaining tool is leaving. It lets them know you are serious, and it can work out to your advantage when the real bargaining gets underway.

Identification Number

Once you’ve narrowed down your vehicle choices and you’ve got some real information to work with, you can research the particular vehicles by getting the VIN. The VIN (vehicle identification number) is usually located either on the dashboard or in the door jamb. Again, the salesperson can help you find this. Be very careful and double-check the number – it’s long and has lots of characters; you don’t want to mistake a one for an “L” or something like that.

Once you have that number, you can use a service like CarFax to make sure the vehicle has never been in an accident or had repairs that might make the car a poor choice. Take the report to your mechanic and get his or her opinion. Before taking the final step of buying the vehicle, you should take it to your mechanic as well, and have them do a once over to see that all is in order.

If you follow these simple steps, you should be able to find a used vehicle and get years of driving out of it.