Here’s how to save cash with airport parking

The UK airport parking that can cost more than a return flight to Europe -  and Manchester Airport's CHEAPEST Bank Holiday parking - Manchester Evening  News

We all love a good discount. There is nothing better than saving money on something that would otherwise have cost you a lot more. The same applies to airport parking. Parking at the airport is not something we can easily avoid, as sometimes it is the only option available. Doing some research when planning your trip, from deals and packages for parking, to the best flight deals, will make your planning a whole lot easier. Things to consider when planning a trip are flight costs, accommodation,identifying reliable car rental companies, and finding the safest yet cheapest parking options.

Here are some ways you can save money on parking at the airport:

  • Pre book your parking in advance – try booking your parking as early as possible, as costs can be higher closer to your travel date. You do not want to spend time scurrying around worrying about parking when you could be doing something else with your time.
  • Consider off-site parking areas – these are generally cheaper than parking your car at the airport. While they might not be as convenient as they are not within the airport grounds, they have shuttles which can take you to the airport and back. You can also pre-book parking at these off-site lots. 
  • Try not to book travel in the busy seasons such as Summer or the holiday season – these are considered peak times, and things such as flights, accommodation and even parking could end up costing you more. Look out for winter deals and packages that will suit your pocket and still enable you to get away and have a break.
  • Look for the best deals – visit the airport website and see if they are offering any package deals on flights and parking. You can also do this for any off-site parking areas such as hotel parking lots. Check travel sites and online discount companies for any coupons and special deals they might be running.
  • Make sure you know the rates of the parking you will be using – check the rates of each opinion very carefully. Most airport parking areas are cheaper for longer stays. See if you can plan your trip to factor in the parking costs, by adding on an extra day if possible.
  • Plan your travel early – parking is cheaper the earlier you book. Booking in advance can have the benefit of paying up to 70% less for parking than you would on the day of your flight. It is also a good way to avoid busy airport traffic to have a pre-booked spot.
  • Familiarise yourself with all the options available – know the ins and outs of each option, taking into account convenience, cost, security, as well as a shuttle service to assist you in getting to the airport terminal and back to your vehicle on your return from your trip.

As with any situation, preparedness is key! Try to make sure that every single part of your trip is booked in advance, and where possible, paid for.