G87 M2 walkaround & POV driving @ 181mph (+ engine startup & exhaust sound)!


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If you think the M2 needs xDrive you’re better off with a 116d and a walker. Cut that out and let at least one car remain in the lineup that actually represents what BMW used to be

And you think the 2023 M2 will actually represent what BMW used to be? Let me guess, now having a manual transmission and RWD = what BMW used to be? Have we all become numb to all the other things that changed, like hydraulic vs. electric steering, naturally aspirated vs. turbo, light vs. heavy weight, all the electronics & driving nannies etc.

AWD & Auto are just two more things that most of us will be okay with when the next gen is about to come out as a hybrid. We’ll be saying please leave it ICE only so it represents what BMW used to be

Soon you’ll be asking for one that has a steering wheel and not self driving only, meanwhile the majority will be boasting how their self driving EV m3 gets around the ring faster than any human driver ever could.

For sure, do you think anyone who has a supercar now know how fast it goes around the ring? Maybe 0.5% at best.
It’s a useless statistic that helps boost price.

Why is bmw so popular?
IMO it’s the best combination of everyday comfort with performance, it gives the driver feeling of Speed and at the same time comfort when driving long distance. And for those who want to do track days, it can certainly give run for the money to heavily modified cars. And then drive home without being towed.

So autonomous driving and ev have its advantages but for those who actually enjoy driving, “used to be” concept still lives!

And to give you another perspective, classic car prices sky rocketed when more EV’s started to sell.