5 Reasons Why Buying A Used Car May Be A Better Idea

New Cars Vs. Used Cars | U.S. News & World Report

When it is time to buy a car there is typically a debate on whether a used or new car should be purchased. People that are unsure should consider the obvious benefits that come with buying a used vehicle.

1. Lower Price

The first thing that people realize when they are spending money for a used car is the lower price. This car has already depreciated in value. That means that it is not going to cost anywhere near as much as a vehicle will cost if it was new.

A used Ford escape, for example, is going to be a lot less than a new one. The depreciation has made a vehicle that may be out of a buyer’s price range a feasible purchase because the price is dramatically lower. This makes it easier to negotiate with dealers and secure financing.

2. Warranty

What people find out quickly is that the warranty on used vehicles is typically about as long as the warranty on a new car. The used certified vehicle is going to have the same type of 5-year 50000-mile warranty as new cars. People get the same type of reassurance when it comes to a warranty without paying the new car price.

Many drivers that get used cars will still be able to get cars that have low miles. When they do this they have the ability to get a vehicle that is going to give them the chance to get a decent warranty for any major issues that may affect the engine or the power train.

3. Lower Insurance Rates

Another thing that drivers benefit from used vehicles is lower insurance rates. Getting a new car is going to come with a much higher price tag and insurance cost. The replacement of a new car is what makes new car insurance so high. A car that has depreciated in value is not going to cost as much to insure.

4. Consider The Driver

Some parents want to buy cars for their teenagers. Even teenagers that are great drivers early on are still inexperienced drivers by default. They do not need to start with a new vehicle. Getting a teenager a used Ford escape is a much better idea than putting an inexperienced driver in a new vehicle. It is much more sensible to start a new driver in a used car. If they get into an accident a totaled used car will not be as great of a loss.

They need to start in a car that is used for lower payments. Parents that want their teenagers to get a part-time job to pay the car note will need a used car. Most teenagers that have part-time jobs cannot afford a new car payment. That is why a used vehicle makes more sense.

5. Older Models Have Fewer Recalls

New cars have not been tested by consumers. These are vehicles that have not been on the market long enough to bring attention to any possible recalls or defects.

Older cars, on the other hand, are vehicles that have been driven. These vehicles have been tested, and people already know what to expect from these types of vehicles. This makes it much easier to reap the benefits of

an older model. People have a much better chance of getting an older model that has fewer recalls.

There are older model cars that also have features that people may like. The design and style may have changed with a new model. This makes it much more practical to get a used car that they are familiar with.